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Thanks You, Excellent job calling out some of those making big bucks on the backs of the American people.

So many that appear to be fighting for We The People and our Nation aren’t when you pull back the veil alittle further.

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I could have named names, especially here in Ohio of long-term grifters, but thought it better to let people figure it out for themselves:-)

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If say you are right for now , leaving it up to individuals to figure out on their own. I have tried to share with some here in Miami County and it appears to fall on deaf ears.

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So true. It's such a shame. Great article.

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We don’t have a swamp . A swamp is a beautiful ecosystem created by God. What we have is a massive sewer. The sewer is well pass due for a cleaning.

What I have come to learn through open records request and boots on the ground the last few years is far worse than I thought.

Party labels are nothing more than a way to divide the people. All of us are being robbed of our voice and freedoms by those that think they have power over us.

It is unfortunate at this point it appears we still have to many that don’t realize the power of we the people when we stand together.

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