Covering Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther's Massive Tax Hike on Seniors, the Coming Economic Recession, and Whether There Are Meathead Buckeye Fan Voters?
If EVs are as great as Elon Musk and Gavin Newsom claim they are, then market forces, not government subsidies and coercive mandates, should drive their…
Covering the Left's Repugnant Rhetoric, Ohio's Vital Supreme Court Elections, and Manning the Wall.
The bottomline is Obeidallah is a jackass, but at least we can excuse his jackassery because we know he just wants to grow his Sirius radio program and…
Covering Impact of Left's Attacks on Law Enforcement, the Left Rewriting History, Intel's Corporate Cronyism, Energy Idiocy, and Mike DeWine Ducking…
Covering Proposed EV Battery Plant, the Pro-Abortion Movement & OSU's Medicare/Medicaid Dependency
My problem with the pro-abortion movement is they ignore the infant in the womb.
Covering Columbus Public Schools' New Deal with Teachers, JD Vance's Lead in US Senate Race & Joe Biden's $300,000,000 Bill to Working Class
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