Covering Ohio State President Kristina Johnson's Departure, Democrat Adam Schiff's Hypocrisy, and Thinking Outside-the-Box to Defeat Donald Trump in a Primary
Trump was an outside-the-box candidate in 2016. If Republicans really want to beat Donald Trump in 2024, they also need to think outside-the-box.
Covering Republican House Seeking Accountability, the ABA's Move to Get Around the End of Affirmative Action, and the Left's Gaslighting on Another…
Winning will come down to who can attract a majority of voters in four states. Nothing else will matter
Covering Donald Trump's 2024 Announcement, the Timidity of the Supermajority Ohio General Assembly, Who Will Take on U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown in 2024…
All-in-all not the election outcome Republicans were expecting, but, if they end with control of at least the U.S. House, then I’d mark the 2022 midterm…
Covering Final Midterm Predictions & Media Bias
Until the Left amends its yard-sign to reflect the real lives of women, women should vote for candidates based on their pocketbooks and security.
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